Good Morning and welcome to the blog today. I had Kermit’s song about being green stuck in my head when I was creating this tablescape. It’s not easy putting together a neutral, non holiday palate using green when the holiday season is so close. However, I had some new deep green wooden chargers that I found recently so I decided to give it a try.

It’s fun to try and pull together different shades of the same base color and use them together in a place setting. You can see a variety of greens in the picture above starting with a very pale green tablecloth. A different shade of green is used in the glasses, another in the charger, a different shade in the napkins and yet another in the centerpiece of green pears. The greens are all different and yet come together to form a pleasing picture.

The plate stack, with the exception of the charger, is all about whites, golds and silvers. The charger is an evergreen color so provides a deep green base for the variety of plates. A dinner plate by Mikasa in the Flower Basket pattern is followed by a dessert/salad plate in white and gold with grapes or pears by Pottery Barn. Finally, a Lenox bread and butter plate rimmed in silver completes the stack.

I paired a green water goblet with a balloon wine glass that is very plain but elegant. I liked the simplicity of design in both these glasses giving the eye a rest from the texture elsewhere on the table.

The silver-plate is an elaborate flower pattern but it seemed to fit in well with the Mikasa dinner plate. It makes a bit of a statement on the table and contrasts with the simplicity of the crystal stemware.

I found the woven basket in the picture above a few weeks ago and really liked the shape and color. It’s technically a bread basket but was a perfect place to stand a row of upright pears. The greens of the pears add another shade to the table. The boat-like form of the basket is a little different and adds some interest. I paired the basket with two mercury glass candlesticks of varying sizes with some green variegated pillar candles. The candlesticks reflect the silver in the Lenox plates and help reflect light around the table.

Here’s an overview where you can see all the shades of green. In a tablescape not everything has to match exactly. You can create a pleasing picture by blending colors….just like in a painting. According to Kermit, “It’s not easy being green”…..but it is rather lovely. Thanks for stopping by today.

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