Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I plunge into the first project of the Christmas season. I had this frame left over from last year when I painted the frame a nice holiday red and painted the center with black chalkboard paint. Then I kind of ran out of steam and left it in the closet. When I was cleaning this year I found it again so decided to use it for this stencil project.

You need masking tape, a stencil and some paper towels. You should feel free to change the stencil around, stencil only part of it, or put several stencils together.

Then you need stencil paints and stencil brushes to complete the project.

Tape the stencil to the frame with the masking tape and make sure it is secure against the surface. Mask any parts of the stencil that you do not want to paint. This will prevent anything coming through that you don’t want.

It’s better to apply several layers of paint allowing drying time in between. This was the first pass for this stencil.

I started decorating the frame as you can see above. Snowflakes are falling over the frame and cascading down the frame. You can see that the O’s are missing in “To the World”. I’ll be adding some snowflakes to replace the O’s and stenciling them in silver paint.

Here we have snowflakes for the O’s and more snowflakes coming down the frame.

I love the carrot nose in orange. It adds a panache to the Snowman. He’ll be getting some blue eyes as well…..just to make him stand out a little more.

Here he is up close so you can see his carrot nose.

Christmas is right around the corner and coming fast especially if you are a Blogger. I’m starting to organize my Christmas decorations and think about what will be gong outside as well. Although it can be a little overwhelming, I look forward to the Joy and the Peace of the Season.

My first project for this year is finished and waiting to be hung. My blue-eyed snowman and I wish you Joy in the coming week.

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