Good Morning, Friends, and welcome to the Blog today. My Hubby and I have been taking a break on the Florida Coast for the past couple of weeks. We stayed at Crescent Beach just south of St. Augustine with the ocean on one side and the Inland Waterway on the other side. It was a really relaxing break from routine and a rest before the busy holiday season. It was great. We didn’t spend much time sight seeing but opted for long walks on the beach, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and tranquil moments with nature’s beauty.

Sunset on the waterway behind the condo. A glass of wine and a perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

Morning high tide. We talked to a number of residents who said they had never seen the water so high. It was making significant inroads on the sandy beach.

The steps leading to the beach as the day was moving to high tide.

I had not seen the ocean this calm during our stay. Hardly any waves and a bit overcast.

This little guy came and shared the sunset with us one night.

The light is wonderful at the beach. A simple fence becomes something spectacular.

Gates lead to a wider world and a sense of adventure.

The Ancients were fascinated by the Sun…’s not hard to see why.

The wind makes pictures in the sand.

Mr. Heron was surveying his kingdom.

Berries and Moss hand from the trees.

The sand and the water invite contemplation.

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