I don’t know about you…..but when I’m vacationing in a new place and there’s a a bad weather day, I’m inclined to check out the local Thrift Stores. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as we do a little exploring in a new place.

Thrift stores are all different and some are easier to navigate than others. This one was particularly nice and well organized so it made it very easy to look around. Also, the employees were extremely nice and helpful and fun to engage in conversation…..always a nice thing in an unfamiliar area.

This one had different areas set up for Fall and Christmas.

They also had one of the best finds of the day…..a Lismore by Waterford decanter. I didn’t find this on any of the regular shelves but on a table in the furniture section. It’s a good idea to look everywhere when in a new store. This was also 15% off so a very reasonable price.

Also found this cute tree with glass ornaments at that store for about $1. Looks really pretty when put together and all the parts were present in the original box.

Here’s a picture where the tree is assembled.

If you have several flatware sets, particularly if they are sterling silver or silver plate, you know that finding appropriate storage can be a problem. Silver boxes are really expensive so I am always on the lookout for more. My Hubby has a great eye and found this one in another store we visited that day. The brand is Heritage which is quite a good one. You can see how good the inside looks from the picture above. It’s in great shape on the outside and on the inside. It’s the second one we’ve found in a couple of weeks. My flatware sets will be happy to have a permanent home.

This is the knick-knack shelf at another store. It was nicely organized and you can really see what they have. They were also a bit pricey so didn’t end up buying anything there.

Found a brand new slate cheese tray in the original shrink wrapping for just a couple of dollars. They always look good when serving wine and cheese.

A never used Battenburg Lace tablecloth showed up and the store had a 1/2 off linens sale going on. Picked this up for a couple of dollars as well……really pretty.

This sweet bowl in soft blues and purples decorated in fleur de lis motif was a nice ceramic find. After checking the inside we re-taped it for the ride home.

Almost all the places we visited had great book prices so I picked up a few easy vacation reads. I’m always on the lookout for deer and this one was in good condition in gold and red. Also picked up some really nice colored pencils for drawing.

It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours in a new place, chatting with people and getting some great eating recommendations along the way.

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