Why should you look for white dishes at the Thrift Store? They’re beautiful, elegant, and go with everything. A white set of dishes can become your base for any table setting in any color scheme. They are the most versatile dishware available and look great in your cabinets as well as on the table.

I was at an estate tag sale recently because they had a service for 12 of Mikassa English Countryside dishes. The above picture shows part of the set. I went the first day and looked at them but they were a bit more than I wanted to spend. The price was definitely reasonable but I couldn’t quite convince myself to pay that much. So talked to the people doing the sale and they told me to come back tomorrow as everything was half off after 10:30 a.m. I took their card and called in the morning to see if the dishes were still there. With a clear affirmative I headed 45 minutes back to the sale. When I arrived… there they were… and I immediately started packing them in boxes. Just a couple of minutes later another woman started towards them and was a little put out that I had gotten there before her. Sometimes persistence pays off. So for a really minimal amount I was able to get a service for 12 with all of the serving pieces. Everything was in perfect condition. Wow!

A few more pieces from the set.

White dishes are versatile and can be used together to create any type of table setting from casual to formal. This setting uses Wedgewood dinner plates, Mikasa salad/dessert plates and a simple white plate with a silver rim at the top of the stack.

White dishes make wonderful displays in china cabinets or in kitchen cupboards. they have clean lines and are restful to the eye. You can combine them with white rimmed plates displaying birds or flowers in the center to add some additional interest.

Simple white teapots with lovely lines are wonderful choices for display or for setting a tea table.

As we move towards Christmas and the holiday season shop your house and see if you might re-discover some of your own beautiful white dishes to use in combination with Christmas china or on their own.

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