Thanksgiving is this month. Can you believe it? The time has really flown and I find myself thinking about Thanksgiving turkeys. It’s kind of nice to have some traditional elements added to the Thanksgiving holiday and turkeys are one of those elements. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends for a very quick and easy DIY made from Thrift Store Finds, as well as another fun fall Blog Hop!

The hop this month is hosted by Grandma’s House DIY. Thanks Tarah for all your hard work organizing the Blog Hop. As always, be sure to check out the great blogs by my fellow bloggers linked at the end of the page.

Now back to some DIY turkeys. LOL I found these turkey floral holders a couple of years ago at the Thrift Store. They’ve had a few iterations in terms of color. They started out multi-colored, chipped and rather sad looking. they definitely needed some TLC.

Here you can see the originals. They were quite chipped and not very attractive but I was hoping they could be transformed.

I spray painted them with an undercoating of black and then added a coat of white which I then distressed. They looked okay but I wasn’t thrilled. So I put them in a closet and decided to wait awhile before working with them again.

While visiting Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago I noticed a turkey they had for sale that was in a dark bronze/chocolate finish. It was very sleek and kind of elegant. I decided to give my turkeys another try so bought a spray can of “Oiled Rubbed Bronze” color and re-sprayed the turkeys. I was much happier with the results this time. Now they look like turkeys worthy to be part of a Thanksgiving celebration.

All the decorative elements of the turkeys show through the paint which defines the turkey feathers and heads. The burnished bronze has a hint of metallic gleam which picks up the light but doesn’t overpower. I think they look really good now. The next step is to create some floral displays in the pockets of the turkeys and then use them as a centerpiece. This is probably my favorite part.

I selected some grocery store flowers; red carnations, large yellow mums and small white button mums. Then I clipped some greens from the garden using mop head cypress and some cryptomeria with tiny seed pods. I gave them fresh cuts and had them condition overnight in a flower food and water mixture.

Here’s a closer look at the blooms.

Next I dry fit some floral foam into the turkeys in preparation for wetting the foam and adding the flowers. Now the fun part. Actually creating the floral pieces.

I wet the floral foam and replaced it in the turkeys adding a little water to the holders. Then I added some greens to the smaller turkeys but started with the larger flowers in the big turkey.

I wanted a mix of large and small flowers and yellows, whites and reds. The colors pop against the rich bronze of the turkeys.

In this picture you can see how clearly the feathers of the turkey are depicted. The turkey has a nice sheen and the flowers really stand out against the bronze.

Here’s the other side and you can see a bit of the smaller turkey in the background. The metallic color is picked up in this shot.

Here’s a picture of the three turkeys in my entryway all decked out for Thanksgiving. They’ll be making their way to a pre-Thanksgiving table in the another blog. If you find some “challenged” turkeys in the thrift Store, consider giving them an upgrade with a very easy DIY.

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