Sometimes you get an idea that really sticks in your head and stays there “noodling” around until you can make the idea a reality. This project was like that for me and I’m so happy to share it with you. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as we build a long and low decorative wooden box for a floral centerpiece.

You will need five pieces for this construction: 1x4x4 feet; 1x3x4 feet (2); and 1/2 x3 cut to fit the ends. I used simple pine boards but you could use poplar, oak or maple depending on how upscale you wanted to make the box. Have to add in here that my talented Hubby is the one who does the actual construction.

Wood glue was applied to the side pieces.

Then the side pieces were attached to the bottom piece of wood.

the side pieces were held to the bottom piece by a series of clamps that ran the length of the board.

The boards were nailed together with the nails running three inches apart down the length of the board.

Next the end pieces were glued and nailed. The end pieces were a 1/2 inch thinner than the bottom and side boards. I did this because it made for a less bulky look overall. You could certainly keep the dimensions the same.

The box was allowed to dry and then was lightly sanded and wiped down with a tack cloth.

I used a red mahogany stain gel for this piece. I wanted just a hint of red in the color. This is after two coats were applied. I did another two coats and then allowed the box to dry overnight.

Some copper rods we had stored in the garage were cut to fit the length of the box. this is a pipe cutter being used above.

The rods were cleaned with brass/copper cleaner and end caps were applied.

The copper will run the length of the box on both sides.

Here’s an overhead view. You can see the end caps finish the copper nicely.

We went back and forth over the best way to fasten the copper to the box. I didn’t want a lot of straps marring the sleek look of the four foot box so we decided on trying to glue it on with gorilla glue. We have some copper strapping in reserve in case we need it.

First the copper was scored on one side to ensure that the glue would have a place to reside. Then glue was applied both to the copper and to the wood. Finally the copper was placed on the edges of the box and clamped in place. The clamps were left on for 24 hours to ensure a tight seal. It worked really well. After 24 hours the clamps were taken off and the copper is firmly fixed to the edges of the wood box.

The last step was to add felt pads to the bottom of the box to protect a table or counter from scratching.

I love how this turned out and can’t wait to use it in my Christmas decorating this year.

Here’s another picture looking down the box. This was a fun project and quite simple. It had a few extra steps and some drying time but turned out really well. My garage clean-out is progressing. Now I just have to think of a few things to do with the rest of the copper. LOL

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