Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. Just got back from the Thrift Store and have some interesting things to share with you. It was a pretty eclectic time out there.

First up are some Pottery Barn napkins. I love when I find these as they are so well made from great fabric. I can just see this at Christmas or during the Summer.

I found another 5 glasses from the Lenox, Firelight pattern. I like it when I can add to an existing set. They are sitting on two glass chargers with gold and dark brown…..quite pretty.

Also found four Pier 1 chargers from their Tuscan collection. These are in ivory. They are quite large and in great condition. I’m sure you’ll see them in table settings in the coming months.

Found this really pretty cut glass pitcher shaped like a grecian urn. It will be great for beverages and for flowers.

Two ironstone pieces by J & G Meakin found their way into the cart. Haven’t run across much of the white English ironstone lately but these were two really nice examples….a teapot and matching sugar. Unfortunately, the creamer was nowhere to be found.

This very interesting flower vase in blues, greens and grey was in a little thrift store near us. I like the modern look of this piece and the subtle, soothing colors. Can’t wait to try it out.

A set of four, blue, colonial style glasses was next. I seem to be running across a lot of blue glassware lately. Have you noticed how things tend to run in spurts. Love the color and these are nice and heavy so will made a statement on the table.

A touch of whimsy was added to the shopping day with these milking cows in black and white. They are rustic and appealing. They should work well in a farmhouse style display.

This was probably the most unusual find of the day. I ran across some Christmas ornaments that I hadn’t found at the Thrift Store before. Seven of the Annual White House Ornaments produced by the White House Historical Association were in the Christmas section.

They are really beautiful and well-made. Couldn’t believe they were for sale for about $1.70 each. Also ran across two Hallmark ornaments for “The Night Before Christmas” series. It’s amazing what people donate to the Thrift Store. I was really happy to find these and bring them home.

Finally, I’ll share this rather “quirky” vase with you. It’s made by Florino and is a pliable material. You can wrap the arm or leg around something and have some flowers in it. It would be a bit unexpected. Made me laugh!

That’s all for today. Hope you have fun finding some great treasures this week.

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