Seems like there’s a lot more opportunity for snacking in the Fall…..without feeling guilty…..because I’m much more active. I spend a lot of time working outdoors in the garden and its cool enough to be out walking. It’s more fun to bake……cooler temperatures….. and feel cozy.

Along with a great cake it’s nice to have a pretty floral display for the table. this one is a simple mix of rosemary fronds and grocery store flowers.

Start with a pretty vase. This is one of my favorite cut glass vases. It has a beautiful shape and some beautifully intricate designs. I filled it with rosemary fronds from a rosemary plant I was trimming back. I didn’t want to toss the rosemary so this seemed like a good idea to try. It’s pretty enough to display on its own.

Next I trimmed the flower stems back to fit the height of the vase and create a fresh stem for water to access the flowers.

Then I began adding flowers until the arrangement looked nice and full. I ended up removing some of the rosemary so the arrangement didn’t seem too crowded.

Once the flowers were completed I chose some German plates that display lovely Fall fruits and leaves in typical Autumn colors. The plates are rimmed in a wide border of gold.

Next some Autumnal napkins that match the colors in the plates.

Sterling silver dessert forks in Wallace’s Rose Point pattern accompany the plates and napkins.

No afternoon setting is complete without a snack. A deliciously moist Apple Cake provides this delicious snack. The cake sits on a Mercury Glass cake stand.

A pretty little afternoon snack vignette that looks good and tastes better.

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