Hello, Friends, and welcome to the Blog today. I posted that we hadn’t been thrifting much in the past couple of weeks then went two days in a row. I’m going to share with you the second day’s finds in this Blog. They are a bit more eclectic than the first day.

We found this unusual teak wood cutting board with a bow knife made of the same teak wood. It’s quite heavy and I think will look really nice when some mineral oil is rubbed into the wood. Mineral oil is safe for food.

Next are these unusual bread baskets made from felted wool. They are from a Danish company called Norm Architects. The baskets are still in their original sealed packaging. I had not seen this before. They are quite attractive and in a winter setting could be warm and cozy.

This lovely red pitcher from Portugal is a nice addition to a kitchen with red accents. It will be great around the holidays for serving hot cider and other holiday beverages.

This is a steel container for barbecue sauce or oil. The lid has a brush attached for distributing the sauce or oil onto the meat, vegetables, chicken, etc. It’s really well made and I think would be a useful gift for that barbecue expert.

I do not normally purchase platters like the one above but I really liked this one and it was in good condition. It was made in Bavaria and the hand painted surface is quite clear. Perfect for this time of year.

Another platter rimmed in a textured yellow surface outlined in gold found its way into my basket. I found these great Christmas decorations as well. Love the bright colors and the old world look to these glass ornaments.

A slate cheese tray with stainless steel handles was the next find. I have a couple that are similar and they make great trays for cheeses and fruits for a crowd.

Fell in love with this gorgeous amethyst candle holder. It really sparkles in the light and is just a touch mysterious.

This square, glass, oil candle holder is by Firelight Glass and is quite in demand. I have found several candles by this company recently and they are really nicely made. This one came in the original box with all the accompaniments.

A few little Halloween signs found their way into the cart. They are quite fun to have around the house.

This next part is all about frames and some art work. We ran across a 75% off sale. The most expensive frame we bought was originally priced at $12.50…….I never pay that much for a frame unless it’s a mirror and really spectacular. At 75% off that $12.50 frame was just $3.10 or so. Not too bad. The other frames were considerably less so I was really pleased with the results of the sale.

This art work, in three parts, is by Carl Larssen and made to fit into this type of frame. It depicts a Swedish family at Christmas and will be a fun addition to a wall display for the holidays. It’s called, “Now It’s Christmas Again”.

These are some other frames I found that day. I’ll be able to repurpose them for photos and projects in the next few months.

The last item was a really nice find. I had been to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago looking at chalkboards and decided they were more money than I wanted to spend. I was working on some ways to make my own larger chalkboard. Then I ran across this one.

Straight from Hobby Lobby and the size I wanted. I paid less than $4.00 for it. I didn’t mind spending that amount at all.

It turned out to be a good Thrift shopping day with lots of interesting finds and some unexpected treasures.

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