One of the things I like best about Fall are the many color choices available to use for table settings. You can lean towards the rich intense colors of reds and oranges or opt for a lighter touch. I really like to mix it up and today, Friends, welcome to the lighter side of Fall.

I found this tablecloth a few days ago at the Thrift Store for $2.75. I really liked the stripes and the color combination that was so light and airy. I thought, “Why not use it in a Fall Table Setting and see what happens.” So, I did.

These beautiful apples with their mix of yellow and muted red were a perfect accompaniment to the Pier 1 “Envoi de Fleurs” plates. I’ve used these before in table settings and they seemed the perfect choice for adding a splash of color to the table while keeping everything else neutral.

I started the plate stack with a plain silver charger by Mikasa. These are very simple and elegant adding no texture but a beautiful base to the stack. Next, this gorgeous Wedgewood plate with a hint of decoration around the outside rim. Then the Pier 1 plates and their bold colors followed by a Lenox bread and butter in simple white edged in silver.

A bowl of yellow lilies and pink astromelia in a beautiful green glass bowl are used as a centerpiece. The lilies pick up the yellow in the tablecloth and intensify it into that beautiful Fall yellow.

White and green napkins the color of the green in the tablecloth are bound by pearly napkins rings……. classic and simple.

Pretty silver-plated flatware in a flower pattern pick up on the silver chargers. I chose a pattern that was restrained to keep the feeling light.

The glasses are the most intricate patterning on the table. New glasses found this week at the thrift Store are the Queen pattern by Rogaska. I love how intricate they are and they have a flower motif around the top of the glass. They are paired with Vera Wang’s Duchesse by Wedgewood…..another Thrift Store find. The simplicity of the Vera Wang is a nice counter to the complexity of the Rogaska.

There is a lot of space on the table with this place setting. No one will feel crowded and it will allow guests a chance to relax before beginning their meal. A little serenity in such a busy time creates a special dining moment.

Here’s an overhead view of the table setting……a lighter color palate for Fall dining.

Everything on the table was thrifted. It always amazes me what can be found at the Thrift Store and used to make your home beautiful and inviting for a fraction of the cost.

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