Hi, Friends, and welcome to the Blog today. It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted a thrift haul. Hadn’t been thrifting for a bit as we went to the beach, spent time with friends and were out of our normal routine. We managed a Thrift Store trip a couple of days ago and ran across some great finds.

We’ll start with this very nice tablecloth in green, yellow and white with a weighted yellow trim around the bottom.

These Turkish bowls in multiple colors are fluted and in colored glass. They are quite pretty and will look great in a pastel table setting. They had the original tags so I don’t think they had been used before.

A set of Nesting Dolls with gold paint on each of the dolls makes it sparkly and appealing. There’s something fun about nesting dolls that appeals to both children and grown-ups. There are 7 dolls fitting snugly one inside of the other. Another brand new acquisition from the thrift Store.

Some great signs and containers as well as a glass Christmas tray found their way into the cart.

This wonderful bread basket, handmade in Ethiopia, was another special find. The weaving is beautiful and the colored bands add to the overall design of the piece.

I found a rolling pin that will be wonderful for baking. I really liked the white and blue design and the porcelain center of the rolling pin will rollout that pastry dough really well.

A set of six place settings of Johnson Brothers china was a surprise find. It was on sale for 50% off and so the total cost for the dishes was under $7.00. They are a pretty flower pattern and microwave and dishwasher safe……an added bonus.

Some additional English plates in this lovely pink design were just waiting for me to pick them up. The pattern is “Bristol” by Crown Ducal.

Another pink entry in the china was Wedgewood’s “Flying Cloud”. This is a classic pattern and will blend in with some of the other dishes very well.

This very sweet Little Jack Horner English plate by Burleigh is a cute Christmas addition for a small child.

A set of eight high ball glasses by Rogaska was a surprising find. The pattern is “Queen”. Each glass sells for about $45.00 on Replacements. I also was able to purchase one old-fashioned glass. We’ll keep an eye out for a few more in the coming months.

Probably the best find of the day was a set of Lenox crystal in the “Firelight” pattern. Love how these glasses look. It was a large set consisting of 6 red wine, 6 white wine and twelve champagne glasses.

Here’s the Rogaska glasses a little closer.

Here’s a closer look at all the Lenox crystal.

The last thing I found was a terrycloth, round, beach rug with a two inch fringe around the edge. It will be great for a trip to the beach.

All in all it was a great day at the Thrift Store.

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