The holidays are fast approaching and many families will be traveling to spend that precious time together. If you are hosting multiple age levels this might work for your guests. Friends, welcome to today’s Blog about preparing some special treats for your special guests.

Do the pre-teens and teens in your life like to read? Would everyone like a little down time after a busy day or a super meal? A time when you can curl up by the fire and spend some quiet family time. Here I have a selection of books that a family can share or a child can enjoy on their own. Who can resist the tales of Winnie the Pooh or Silverstein’s poems. Some classic teen novels and some newer ones are ready for kids to explore.

I like to include some interesting objects that might spark a conversation. Fossils are always a good bet as are…..

Astrolabes and all things sky related. Maybe some good Science Fiction novels would be fun to include. The astrolabe comes with an instruction booklet as children of all ages are interested in the stars. You might end up outside, if the sky is clear, talking about the constellations or the myths that make up their stories.

I like to set up a shelf or two for the grown-ups in the group. Some old favorites to revisit with some history, mystery, and fantasy to choose from. Shark’s teeth and amethyst are objects of interest that adults can enjoy, too.

If you don’t have a bookshelf available, a special box or trunk would work as well. For little ones you can include picture books and easy readers. A shelf of games and puzzles is also a good thing to stock and have readily available. It’s easy to pick up what you need for just a few dollars at the Thrift Store or Library sales.

It’s so easy to retreat to a computer or laptop these days. However, in the past two years we have come to know how precious our families and friends are to us. This holiday season create some opportunities to spend quality time with those folks and build some lasting memories for all.

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