This time of year there are plenty of garden tasks that need attention…..thank goodness! It’s not work, for me, but a pleasure to sink my hands in the soil or tidy up a garden bed especially now that its getting a bit cooler and I expect by Sunday the temperatures will fall and it will be more like Autumn weather. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. these busy bees are buzzing all over my Scarlet Pineapple Sage flowers. They make a humming noise that vibrates in the air as they travel from blossom to blossom. They are wonderful pollinators and such friendly visitors to the garden.

They don’t mind haven g their picture taken as they go about their tasks.

Lamb’s Ear is a delightful plant with its super soft leaves and its grey-green color. the sun highlights the plant and casts shadow pictures on the leaves. Did you know the leaves were once used as bandages?

Beautiful camellias perfume the air with their heady scent. Bright white against dark green leaves make this flower a stand-out in the garden landscape.

A bright pink azalea bloom is a bit out of place this time of year and the only one on the plant. The beautiful yellow filaments reach out from the center of the flower. No wonder we use pink and yellow color combinations in our homes.

Tea Olives are some of the most fragrant bushes in the garden. In Fall or Spring they produce tiny white flowers that have an amazingly strong fragrance that perfumes the air. Sitting on the back porch we are surrounded by the scent of tea olives. Dew covers the flowers in this early morning shot and a friendly spider is visiting.

The water fountain adds the soothing sound of bubbling water to the air. The garden is such a lovely place to be surrounded by the scent and sound of Fall.

Another hard working denizen of the garden is the Brown Spider. This is the spider that the author of Charlotte’s Web used for her main character. The web is a bit messy but effective in trapping harmful insects.

There’s no place I’d rather be on a beautiful Fall morning than the garden……OK, maybe Venice. LOL

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