I’m a huge tea drinker and I know I am not the only one out there. Loose leaf tea makes the best “cuppa” and is what I normally use. Loose leaf tea comes in tins, plastic and foil bags and can be bought as loose leaf tea bags. Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today as I show you how to turn an empty tea tin into a lovely flower display. I’m making four of them today to use in a table setting…..having the girls over for dessert and tea.

Start with an empty tea tin. These are from Twinings tea and are used for Earl Grey Tea. Twinings has a large offering of teas and they all come in different colored tins. Take a quart size plastic storage bag and fit it into the tin. Cut off the ziplock part and then fold the edges of the bag over the edges of the tin. This gives you a waterproof area to use for floral foam and water. The tins are not leak proof so you want to make sure you do this step.

The next step involves floral foam which can be obtained at any store that stocks floral items. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc. will carry it. One foam brick can be cut into three pieces. One of the three pieces is the perfect size for a tea tin. Next fill your sink with water then place the foam in the water. When it has sunk down in the water and the brick has changed color, remove it from the water. This takes just a moment or two. Take the wet brick and insert it into the tea tin.

I gathered some greenery from the yard. For this project I used ivy, tea olive and a feathery cedar.

I placed the ivy around the base of the foam and then added the tea olive. The mop head cedar will be added to fill in spaces after the flowers are in place.

I added flowers and then some baby’s breath and then the cedar to fill in any additional holes in the arrangement.

The finished product is quite pretty and the tins serve as great vases for the flower arrangements.

Here’s my four, tea tin, floral arrangements ready to be placed on the table to act as gifts for the ladies coming for dessert and conversation.

This is a great up-cycle for a common item that is a throw-away when emptied. The tins are attractive and these will add some gold to my table setting. I’ll be showing you that later in the week. The flowers should keep for a week or so in the arrangement…..a nice reminder of a pleasant afternoon.

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