Fall is a beautiful and hectic time of the year. We’re all gearing up for a series of holidays that are pretty nonstop once October comes. The weather is not so terribly hot and the leaves are changing providing wonderful rich colors. All the activity that we engage in can also create some big time stress. To counter that, I suggest a respite, sojourn, relaxing moment or two with a hot cup of tea and a snack.

Welcome, Friends, to today’s Blog……an afternoon tea break for one. Just you, a cup of tea, and a snack.

It’s all about taking a few moments from your busy schedule to put your feet up and de-stress. I started with one of my favorite pottery teapots. This beautiful pot in Fall colors sports a small, black bird enjoying some berries. He is caught mid flight, hovering in the air, ready to enjoy a snack. The pottery teapot helps to keep the tea nice and hot.

A beautiful woodland pottery teacup waits to hold that first cup of goodness. The handle is a branch fashioned from pottery. A leaf and lady bug motif adorn the cup which is glazed in blues and greens.

A small bread and butter plate by Mikasa pulls in the colors from the teapot and the cup. A petite fork, knife and spoon compliment the small plate. The flatware is kept together with a green ribbon wrapped loosely around the utensils.

A beautiful linen napkin edged in crocheted cotton and embroidered in a flower design is the perfect accompaniment to the setting. You just know that once you sit down you will feel pampered and at ease.

A beautiful flower paired with sage leaves is placed in a cut glass pitcher recently gifted to me by a Friend. I love how it sparkles and reflects the light. The lovely pattern is deeply cut into the small pitcher creating facets for the light.

I can’t wait to take the tray out on the screened porch and put my feet up. I’ll be watching the birds outside at the feeders and thinking how grateful I am for everyone in my life.

Hope you can take a few moments from your busy day and enjoy a restorative few minutes with a hot cup of tea and a beautiful setting to help you find your calm.

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