A few weeks ago I showed you how to dry citrus in a hydrator and to air dry lemon verbena. Welcome to the Blog, Friends. Today we’ll put them together and set the Citrus Potpourri out for all to enjoy.


When your individual elements of potpourri have absorbed the scent of the oils used to add fragrance to your dried elements, it’s time to choose a bowl. This thrifted handmade wooden bowl is a real beauty. I really like the two-tones of wood with a darker edge. The potpourri elements have “cured” in a dark space for about a month.

I used orange slices, lemon and lime slices and lemon verbena for this mix. I wanted to keep all the fragrances in the citrus family. I used orange oil and lemon grass oil as additives to enhance the original scents of the dried ingredients. The fixative is ground orris root. You have to be careful and leave some air passage in the citrus bags. It’s really better to store them in a paper box to prevent mold. Now to prepare the blend.

First I added some orange slices to the bowl. They have held their color well during the drying process.

Next came the lemons and limes.

Then a few handfuls of dried lemon verbena were added. The lemon verbena dried really well and you can see very few crumbled leaves. You have to have a gentle hand when working with dried products. They are a bit fragile.

When all the ingredients are added, toss the mixture to distribute them and create a pleasing look. The fragrance is wonderful.

Place the bowl on a table or a mantle and allow the fragrance to gently perfume the air. Makes a great room freshener.

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