Expecting some spectral guests for dinner on Hallowe’en? Prepare a “haunting” tablescape that will make them feel right at home. Oscar, the red-eyed rat, is eyeing a beautiful butterfly that has wandered here from safer habitats. The ancient, wrought iron candelabra provides a resting place for the butterfly and a handy ladder for Oscar.

The dinner hour is fast approaching as noted by the ancient astronomical instrument marking time on a corner of the table.

Frankenstein and the Mrs. are close by checking out the haunting tunes and lighting the way for more guests to attend the party.

Roses have been collected to offer to each feminine specter as she joins the party. Don’t you think black roses are the best ever?

Black lanterns housing orange candles are guarded by giant spiders in their webs. Candle light through webbing is très chic.

No Spooky setting would be complete without a great tablecloth to act as a base. This one is particularly nice with its depiction of gnarled trees and haunted houses. Bats and spiders add to the ambience and everything is trimmed in an orange border.

A group of Halloween pumpkins leant their faces to the salad/dessert plates that top this stack. They pick-up on the orange border around the tablecloth and the bats that are featured on the cloth. The pumpkins are friendly and welcoming to guests as they are seated. Beneath the pumpkins is a black and white square plate that spirals to the center of the cosmos. The plates are supported by a white porcelain charger carrying on the tables black and white theme.

Here’s a closer look at the plates and their makers.

Black napkins in the shape of a black rose echo the roses gifted to guests. Is that a pure white center or……an eye?

Guests are served their choice of beverages in silver goblets. Not every guest prefers wine, eh, eh, eh!

Fan patterns are repeated in the silver-plated flatware and the beautiful black and gold fans at each place setting. The night is bound to get a little steamy!

Felix, the cat, has just spotted Oscar, the rat, and has his back up. The two are clearly not bosom buddies.

Our outdoor extravaganza is just waiting for folks to arrive to begin this “Haunting Halloween”. Everything on the table is thrifted except the astronomical devices.

Hope you have fun setting a Halloween tables cape that welcomes your guests to a great time.

We’ll be here, with our beverage of choice, enjoying a happy, haunted Halloween.

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