Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I put together an outdoor table setting using Fall colors echoing the season to share with you. It’s actually still pretty hot where I live but cooling down at night. The screen porch is pleasant in the mornings and the evenings now so we have been enjoying the outdoors and especially outdoor dining.

We’ll start with the tablecloth and the centerpiece. The tablecloth is checked with some larger white patches mixed with red, orange, gray and green. It adds a nice background of color for the plates and flatware.

I used a really easy centerpiece made up of a long rustic tin tray with a wooden handle and a pile of ceramic pumpkins. They look quite festive just jumbled together on the tray. The pumpkins pick up all the colors in the tablecloth and in the plates I’m using today.

The plate stack is primarily cream and red. However, I used a Williams Sonoma

Tuscan plate as a bread and butter. These plates are great with their Fall colors and their depiction of the Italian countryside. Makes you want to be in Italy enjoying a meal. The harvest gold napkin is pulled through an apple napkin ring and set out in a fan design.

I started the plate stack with a cream charger from Thomas O’Brien, a recent find at the Thrift Store. Rutherford Red by Kate Spade at Lenox follows as the dinner plate. Love the deep red border around this plate. Next an English Countryside salad/dessert plate by Mikasa in cream and finally the Tuscan plate by Williams Sonoma. Italian trees are distinctive. You can recognize them anywhere.

The flatware is Italian by D&D designs. The filagree on the handles is really nice and makes the setting special. Deep, rich colors for Fall are definitely a part of this flatware.

Hand-thrown colonial style goblets in two sizes are some of my favorites. You can tell the good ones from the imitations partly by their weight. These glasses are very heavy. They were also found before so many replicas flooded the market. They are nice to use and look great on the table. The rich red color certainly adds to the overall setting.

Having dinner on the porch allows for a lovely background of greenery from the back garden. There’s always something to see in the yard….birds, squirrels and even an occasional hawk.

You can see how the orange in the flatware is picked-up by the orange pumpkins. Reds and yellows are also represented in the centerpiece and the table setting. The Tuscan scenes peek out from the edge of the napkins.

It’s a pleasure to eat and entertain in such a casual but vibrant setting. Conversation is lively and everyone is at ease. Everything on the table is thrifted which makes it economical as well.

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