I have a treat for you today….. of the table setting variety. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as we explore some really interesting table accompaniments. This past week I found these wonderful, hand blown, clear, art glass, Trumpet Flower figure vases……that’s a mouthful! They are meant to hold a single bloom or a small nosegay of flowers. They are a type of vase used in an epergne or displayed on a table in a reclining position. They are beautiful.

This simple setting begins with a dark blue tablecloth in a linen fabric. It’s a basic table setting with its two color scheme. The only additional color is in the small nosegay of flowers resting in an individual trumpet vase at each place setting. I did that on purpose to make the trumpet vases stand out.

The plate stack begins with a wooden charger in an off-white color. Then a dinner plate of Polish hand-painted china was laid on the charger. The designs on the polish plates are vibrant and really go well with the dark blue of the table cloth. A pure white Mikasa plate acts as salad/dessert plate. Finally, a blue and white flowered plate, Gay Day, by Wood and Sons is at the top of the stack. I love using bread and butter plates. They seem so delicate and are really useful items on the table. The glass vases are atop the bread and butter plate.

Two blue glasses were used to compliment the table cloth and plates. One is from Libby, the shorter glass. the other is reminiscent of a colonial goblet but I don’t know the maker. They are a beautiful deep blue color and feel great in your hand.

I used a very simple silver-plate pattern with a blue and white cotton napkin.

A centerpiece, easily put together, consisting of a blue pottery bowl filled with white ceramic pumpkins and blue and white ceramic balls graces the center of the table.

The true star of the tablescape is the hand blown, glass flower. It holds a nosegay in seasonal colors with a sprig of lemon balm for greenery.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. The deep rich colors are off-set by the whites and creams.

These individual vases were a great Thrift Store find and lots of fun to use.

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