Hello and welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I’ve been working on a new wall display for the Morning Room…..something that welcomes Fall and incorporates lots of Fall colors into the room. Since I wanted this display to last until Thanksgiving I needed to take that into account as well. Earth tones and reds, greens and yellows were definitely the way to go for this Fall wall display.

I started the project with blank wall space and three mounted shelves. You can see how to make your own shelves here:


Building from the middle shelf out, the central picture is an acrylic painting I found a few weeks ago at the Thrift Store. I knew this would set the color tone for the whole wall. It has great Fall tones and depicts a farmhouse set in a field of green and gold. The leaves have fallen but it is not yet winter. The painting is double matted in a large white border with a thinner red border around the inside of the painting. Brown wood is used to frame the painting. On the left of the painting is a frame with a famous quote from first Corinthians about the quality of Love. The black lettering on a red background picks up the red on the roof and matting of the central painting. Mounted in the center of the red Frame is a picture of flowers, touched by light, blooming beautifully in reds and oranges. The photo on the left in a dark wood frame with red highlights is of a salad with mandarin oranges, beets and green beans…..all the Fall colors. The display is representative of things we are grateful and thankful for experiencing……home, natural beauty, abundant food.

The bottom row of shelving begins with the words thankful and grateful. We all have so much to be thankful and grateful for in our lives. A visual reminder seemed a good thing to include on a Fall/Thanksgiving wall. Below the writing are a series of pictures. The first on the left was taken by my Hubby as was the middle one. The second picture is a cross stitch of a mallard swimming on a pond with his reflection appearing in the water. The fourth picture is an etching of a cat and the final picture is a photo I took of a really interesting flower. The frames are all thrifted. I started gathering frames together when I had a picture of the display in my head. Wood colors and Fall colors dictated the frames that I purchased as did the size of the opening.

Here’s a closer look at some of the pictures and frames. Can you see the drake peeking through the grasses in the pond?

On the top shelf rests a water color on the left that is bordered in a green, wooden frame. Found this recently at the Thrift Store. The right hand side holds an etching of a Mother cat and her kitten with a background in yellows and reds. It’s placed in a simple wooden frame with a large white mat. The center piece is a sign I made from scraps from the garage and some stencils. I’ll have a tutorial on making the sign later in the week.

Here’s a look at all three shelves.

Next came the area below the mounted shelves. I started with three wine crates and a seven foot oak board. The wine crates are located at the ends of the board and in the center of the board. It’s really quite sturdy. The board was polyurethaned but was already the color of the floor so no staining was required. Four two foot long storage crates fill the spaces between the wine crates……slats-side out. They hold napkins and other serving pieces.

A collection of wooden rolling pins in a wooden box with a copper handle (made by my Hubby) sits on the right end of the shelf. Some pumpkins keep it company.

Two long, lidded, wine boxes sit in the center of the shelf. They hold a collection of candles for the table. Some Fall fresh flowers rest on the top box and a decorated lantern is below.

On the left end of the shelf some ceramic pumpkins are gathered together joined by a wooden candlestick and Fall-toned pillar candle.

Creating a wall display can be really satisfying. You can use pieces from a collection, original art, photos, signs or a combination. It’s nice if you can incorporate personal pieces and things that have special meaning for you and your family. I really enjoyed putting this display together. The Fall colors add a lot of warmth to days that are becoming cooler and shorter. Thankful and grateful is how I feel for the many joys that fill my life.

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