Hello, Friends, and welcome to the Blog. Fall is in the air and Thanksgiving and Christmas with their beautiful ambers, reds, and greens are not far off. The profusion of intense color appears everywhere. It was time to give the dining room china cabinet a bit of a makeover for Fall…..something a little different that would go with all the Fall table settings that would appear in this room over the next few weeks.

I just used these wonderful bird plates by Theodore Haviland in a table setting for the porch. See that here:


So I thought perhaps they could be used in the china hutch. I have 12 of them, showing different birds, that I found some years ago. They are beautiful depictions of American woodland birds. What could be more appropriate for Fall?

Woodland colors appear in all the plates with browns and muted greens predominating. They are a restful look at Fall with lots of white to calm the eye. I added some pieces from my collection of white ceramics. Teapots and small pitchers add texture and shape to the display. Tomorrow I’ll be showing how this cream display can act as the perfect background for a colorful Fall table.

I love the shape of this pitcher made by L. Godinger. The handle is really interesting and just a bit different.

The central pitcher is flanked on one side by a Wm Adams & Sons English pitcher (you can see those great turkeys in the background) and…..

….a Thompson, Francis pitcher on the other side.

Teapots are Wedgewood, on the left, and a teapot that I think was made in Chicago a long time ago on the right. There’s something about a creamy white teapot that is really appealing.

The third tea set is Michael Aram and held over from the last display. You can see that here:


Each time I change the display it gives the Dining Room a different feel. New displays give you a chance to bring out some favorite pieces that may be packed away and out of sight. I think the birds are enjoying their new surroundings. White on white with a touch of Woodland beauty makes a nice early Fall display.

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