A Fall Centerpiece made from Fall flowers and things found in the yard make a wonderful addition to your Fall decor or tablescape. Welcome to the Blog today and an easy look at designing a simple centerpiece for your table.

First choose your container. I decided to use an antique tin container that is quite large. I’ve always used it for things like potpourri or a collection of pumpkins but I wanted to try a flower arrangement this time. I used a plastic container that would hold some Oasis for fresh flowers. It allowed me to extend the reach of the flowers while keeping water safely away from the tin. This way every time I move the handled tray the flowers won’t shift.

I centered the plastic container and allowed the oasis to soak up water by filling up the sink with water and placing the oasis in the water until it sank. Then, using floral tape, I secured the oasis held in the container. The floral tape held the whole thing securely on the tray.

I added some foliage from the garden and placed it around the edges of the oasis. This gives a base for the flowers and covers the oasis.

The largest blooms were placed next, three on each side, evenly spaced and a Mum and Hydrangea bloom at each end. The flowers inserted into the ends extend the length of the arrangement. Some purple garlic flowers were added next. You can see that the centerpiece is starting to fill in.

Next came some Pineapple sage….. bright, red flowers. They extend out from the main arrangement giving a larger scope to the centerpiece.

Green mums filled in some of the holes and the rest were filled in with some ivy and additional garden foliage.

I wanted the container to still be a focal point of the arrangement. I left space all around so you could see the container really well. The wooden handle adds to the casual feel of the tray. It’s quite rustic and will be great for a casual Fall table.

The container centerpiece sits in the center of a casual table setting. The vibrant tones of the flowers are picked up in the tablecloth and help to pull everything together.

Any container can be used to create a centerpiece. Match the feel of the container with the feel of the table you are trying to create. This took about 45 minutes to create. Be sure to prep your flowers in a container with flower food mixed with water. If you can leave them for several hours before using them in an arrangement, that helps the flowers to last longer.

Don’t fill the arrangement too full or make it feel too crowded with all the things you’d like to use. If you have lots of foliage, make two arrangements rather than loading all the plants into one arrangement.

Creating an centerpiece is easy and fun. The only one you have to please is yourself. If you like it, your job is done. Enjoy!

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