Dinner can be a special occasion whether prepared for two or for 20. Welcome to the the Blog today, Friends, as we take a look at a simple setting for two by the fireplace. The nights are beginning to cool down, perhaps not quite cool enough for a fire, but it is so cheerful to have one. I decided to set this intimate table for two as a special treat after a very long day of gardening.

The table is handmade by my Hubby with a rough edge and iron “pin” legs. It is made from a single wide slab of black walnut. I love the look and it s a perfect size for “Dinner for Two”.

Fussing, just a bit, makes a simple menu more appealing to the diners. I didn’t use a tablecloth in this setting as I wanted to showcase the deep, rich color of the wood. Silver chargers from collected silver serving pieces are the foundation of the table setting. I love that they don’t match. They are the same size and that is enough to bring the look together.

Mikasa’s, Garden Harvest, is used for the dinner plate and for the soup bowl. German plates in Fall colors rimmed with gold are the salad/dessert plate. Such fun to bring the Autumn china from storage. It’s like having new dishes. It took awhile to collect the Mikasa pattern, a plate here or there at a Thrift Store until I was able to put a set for eight together. It’s one of my favorite everyday patterns for Fall. The German plates are so pretty and reflect many of the colors found in the Mikasa dinnerware. The small soup bowls will hold some simple Cauliflower Soup I made today with leeks, vegetable broth and a few leaves of Basil.

A nosegay of flowers in Fall colors rests in a small cut glass pitcher.

Crystal Waterford glasses in the Millennium pattern are a beautiful accompaniment to the table. Somehow drinking your beverage from a gorgeous crystal goblet makes the meal special. These are a wonderful design. I found the champagne flutes this week at a local Thrift Store. They were in the original box with all the appropriate tags. The wine goblets were found some months ago at a different Thrift Store. I’m happy they have found their new forever home with me.

A simple silver-plate pattern is used to continue the look of the silver chargers. You can see in this picture how nicely they go together.

White napkins shot with silver and gold thread are held together by a simple silver napkin holder pick up the silver and gold in the chargers and the plates.

The silver, gold and crystal sparkle in the firelight creating a lovely atmosphere for a simple dinner for two.

Setting this table took just a few moments of time. Relaxed conversation by the fire with that special person is truly priceless. As our world becomes more complicated and stressful, its important to take a few moments in your day to reflect on the many blessings you enjoy.

I hope you are able to take some time from your busy schedules and have a simple meal in a relaxing setting with someone special.

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