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This is my first ever attempt at decorating a lantern for any season. I have several different lanterns and actually had another one ready to go for this post but decided I didn’t like it and so took it apart and started over. I think this one turned out much better.

I started the project with a lantern, ribbon…two different kinds… and some florist wire. Then I found a few Fall picks at Walmart and added them to the mix. The ribbon I picked up last year after the season ended and just had it stored away. The first ribbon is printed only on one side and is a pretty collection of fall leaves on a neutral background. A little bit of gold thread is woven through for some sparkle. The second ribbon is loosely woven Jute? that is colored from a very pale green to a darker green. Both ribbons have flexible wired edges for easy positioning.

I started out by stacking the ribbons one on top of the other. Then I made a regular looped bow. I used the florist wire to fasten the bow together but you could use a chenille tie just as easily. Then I spent some time separating and positioning the loops to make the bow nice and full. The tails come about 3/4 of the way down the lantern on either side of the door.

The next step was to take three picks….a lamb’s ear, cotton boll and pumpkin and straw …and attach them to each other in a pleasing arrangement. I used florists wire for this part. It was so thin it was easy to hide with the ribbon and the foliage.

Once I liked the arrangement I used more florists wire to attach the bow to the top of the lantern and then the picks to the lantern.

It takes a bit of playing with the bow and the picks to get them attached the way you want them to look.

Here’s a look at the different sides of the lantern.

Then I put the lantern in place in the entranceway on the sideboard. The mirror reflects the back of the lantern as well.

I added a Fall cross-stitched piece to the sideboard reflecting the same colors. The candle is a deep orange with leather ties.

After looking at the entranceway I decided to change out the two black candelabra for three graduated wooden candlesticks. I found these last year and really enjoy using them throughout the Fall and Winter. A week or so ago I found three pillar candles that were graduated in lovely Fall colors. I used these with the candlesticks to balance the colors in the cross stitch and in the lantern.

I think they look pretty cool. You can see the candlesticks are bound in a decorated metal trim that brings them up a notch.

Everything seems to flow in this arrangement setting the stage for the coming of Fall.

This was a fun project. Hope, if you have a lantern, you will give decorating it a try.

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