Sometimes an appetizer before dinner is just the thing. Welcome, Friends, to today’s Blog where I’m putting together a simple Italian Appetizer that we often shared while in Italy. A small wooden table is set with just what we need.

Let’s start with these cute small plates in two sizes from Pier 1. Found these at the thrift Store in the past couple of months. I have a set of four in each size. They are perfect for our tasty treat today. Each plate depicts a different Tuscan scene. They really do bring back memories of the Italian countryside.

You can’t have a meal in Italy without a great glass of wine. The glasses, Summer Breeze by Waterford, are ideal for that delicious Red wine chosen to accompany the appetizer.

This small, refillable set of oil and vinegar bottles are ideal for indulging in bread dipper and fresh bread.

We like to add the oil to the plate first and then some rich balsamic vinegar is added to the olive oil. You can grate some parmesan on top of the balsamic vinegar. It tastes wonderful.

Add a fresh loaf of bread and dip a piece of the bread into the oil, vinegar and parmesan. You have an Appetizer fit for……pretty much anyone. LOL

You can serve this mini-feast as an accompaniment to a meal or at the beginning of the meal like I did here. It’s a wonderful way to start a companionable dinner.

This takes very little effort and is a real “feast for the senses”. I like to add a little fresh basil to the mix. Basil makes everything better! A bunch of basil fresh-picked from the garden was added to a pottery jug for a centerpiece and to provide some basil for the appetizer. Can’t get much fresher than that. This is a delicious and relaxing start to any meal.


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