Friends, welcome to the Blog today. I’ll be sharing my latest Thrift Store finds with you. They come from a quick stop of an hour or so. We had actually gone to the library book sale and there is a Thrift Store nearby so we decided to stop. Found a few nice things.

We’ve had some wonderful luck finding glass ornaments lately so I thought we’d probably found all we were going to. I was proved wrong. We ran across another box of special glass ornaments in a beautiful case. The ornaments all have meanings that are detailed on the certificate that accompanies the box. The box was designed for a newlywed couple and their first tree. This would make a great wedding gift or maybe an anniversary present or a wonderful addition to your own tree. I especially liked the teapot…..I’m rather fond of tea…teapots represent hospitality.

Next was this really cute sign that will look great in a kitchen vignette for the holidays.

The sign is sitting on four red napkins with white polkadots from Pottery Barn. I always look for napkins when at the Thrift Store and I often find linens from brand name stores. These are well made and will add to the beauty of a table setting.

Love the white polkadot border around the edge of these napkins. I have a tablecloth that these will compliment.

Then, in the same store, I found this beautiful white coffee pot by Mikasa in the French Country pattern. It is in perfect condition and is ready to use.

My Hubby came up with these really lovely green wine goblets. They are meant for red wine and will help contain the aroma of the wine when sipping. A lovely green hue comes from the bottom of the bowl of the glass.

Lastly, we have a set of eight dinner plates and eight bread and butter plates in blue, white and gold. The pattern is Puritan by Lamberton China. This was actually made in America. Blue and white is such a lovely combination. The gold trim makes it a little bit formal.

A pretty good result from an hour’s shopping. Hope you have good luck this week in your thrifting adventures.

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