Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today for a quick and easy Fall project. I think this took me about 30 minutes…..not a lot of time to spend to create this cute Fall centerpiece. I know we really have lots of Summer left but thoughts are turning to those Fall projects and I have a few to share with you in the next week or so.

You can learn how to make an easy Fall wreath here:


Now on to today’s quick DIY project. I started with a tea tin…..this happens to be one for Earl Grey tea. We drink a lot of tea at my house and I save the tins. They make useful containers for all sorts of things like today’s project. They are also great for holding crafting supplies, etc. In the center, inside the tin, I placed a piece of double-sided foam tape about one inch long. This double-sided tape is great for securing things. I used it to secure a small foam block purchased in a package of four blocks from the Dollar Tree store. The blocks were the perfect size for this project.

Next, I spread out some burlap left over from another project and cut a circle large enough so that when I placed the tea tin in the center of the fabric, I could gather the ends together to cover the tin.

After bunching the fabric together I secured it with a bit of florist wire. The fabric shape resembles a pumpkin.

Find the hole in the center of the fabric.

I found a set of four scarecrows at the Thrift Store. They were 75 cents each. Each scarecrow is attached to a wooden dowel. The wooden dowel is inserted into the hole in the fabric and down into the foam block at the bottom of the tea tin. The scarecrow stands up nice and tall and is quite stable. The I tied some raffia around the fabric and formed a bow. I like the raffia rather than ribbon as it’s a bit more rustic.

I made four of these little scarecrows then placed them on a lazy susan in the middle of the table. I added a tall candle to the center of the grouping.

The scarecrows make a colorful and cheerful grouping with the candle as the focus of the centerpiece. A nice easy project made with finds from the Thrift Store and things around the house. These were easy and fun to make and add a taste of Fall to the Morning Room.

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