Good morning Everyone and welcome. I’m so glad you’re here today. This is the second thrift Store share for August. It’s been an exciting month so far for finding treasures and I can’t wait to share them with you today.

Let’s start with the smallest…..a little knick knack in the shape of a green onion by Home Grown. I’m really not a knick knack person but this is really cute and my hubby has a fondness for “quirky” things. These are actually quite popular and very colorful.

Next up is this great Waterford ornament of Santa with a balloon. The balloon is in colorful primary colors and Santa floats suspended by golden cord. He is carrying a Christmas tree. I found this for very little money at a Hospice Thrift Store and it will definitely be on my tree this Christmas.

The second Christmas find you can learn about here:

August has been a great month for finding glass ornaments. I have two very large Christmas trees that will be going up this year so the additional ornaments will be very welcome.

The top left picture is a really nice silver tray that was about $3. I don’t often by silver trays because I don’t use them much. This one, however, is the perfect size for carrying glasses and was in really good condition. It’s quite heavy with a wonderful decorative edge. It polished up really well. I also found a cast iron, covered with enamel, casserole dish from Martha Stewart. It has a pineapple finial on the lid and was in excellent condition. Lastly, in the kitchen department, was this anniversary Bundt pan from Nordic Ware. The best thing about this one is the 12 cup capacity. Most Bundt pans are 10 cup but I have a lot of recipes that call for the larger size. The brand new condition didn’t hurt.

My favorite find was this super silver chest. As most of you know I pick up sets of flatware when I find them. Unfortunately, they don’t all come with a case so I have several sets wrapped in plastic. I was able to move one of those service for 12 sets with serving pieces into this tarnish proof case. Yay! Also the $2 price tag was an exceptional buy.

My hubby found these “quirky” pieces. Love the metal bird and the colors on the metal flowers are quite fun.

This was another good Christmas find……Lenox candlesticks in the Winter Greetings pattern. You can see the distinctive cardinals and red ribbons on the candlesticks.

Finally, we found this beautiful set of Gorham crystal in the Starburst pattern. There are 10 water goblets and 10 wine glasses with not a chip or scratch in the bunch.

The glasses are really pretty and very heavy. It took two boxes and a lot of bubble wrap to package them in the store. Every once in a while I find a real treasure in the little Thrift Store these came from. I find it interesting that most Thrift Stores have their packaging donated so you never know if your dishes can be wrapped securely. I pretty much devastated their supplies for this purchase.

It was a great thrifting day filled with treasures. Hope you are as lucky in your adventures this week.

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