Hello Friends and welcome to the Blog today. As many of you know my Hubby and I have been helping our daughter fix up her new apartment. It is still a work in progress…..but progress is being made. You can see in the photo above that the queen size bed we found on marketplace is a great fit for the room. The carpet was thrifted and originally in the Living Room but I found a larger rug for the living room so we swapped it out and put this one in the bedroom. Fits well. She needed some drawers but didn’t want a tall dresser.

On one of our thrift Store outings I found this chest. I think it was intended to be a low credenza and was scratched but had really good storage and fit her criteria. It’s about 6 feet long and has great drawer space. Anyway, texted our daughter a picture and we ended up bringing it to her apartment.

After removing the drawers, lightly sanding, and removing all the hardware, several coats of Kilz paint was applied. This paint is great and will prevent any bleeding through of the original finish. A little wine helps the process.

It was probably more than a couple of coats but turned out really nicely.

The drawers were done the same way and after the final coat dried, painter’s tape was used to mask off the areas that would receive some gold trim.

The trim looks good and then the hardware was returned to the drawers.

The same process was applied to the edges and back of the larger base piece of the credenza.

After a 24 hour drying time the piece was put back together and the dresser had been transformed into a beautiful, crisp, white bedroom piece that compliments the white trim and windows in the room. Accessories such as drapes and art are still needed to finish the space but this is a great start. Our daughter did a great job transforming this piece into a great addition to the bedroom.

A few good Thrift Store finds, a little elbow grease, and some determination can make a space a home.

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