Welcome Friends. I have a great Thrift Store Blog to share with you today. As you know, sometimes you go thrifting and come back with nothing of interest and other times you seem to discover lots of treasures. This week I found lots of very eclectic items to share with you. You can see from the picture above that the table is covered. I even had to spill over onto the chair to put out all the finds. The finds were from different Thrift Stores in my area. We have a usual route we follow that takes us to four or five local shops on a given day. We vary the order to alter the arrival time. Not sure that helps but you never know.

One of the first things was this Dansk Cheese Board. I like to pick-up cheese boards for gifts and this one had never been opened and was still in the original packaging. It originally retailed for $55. I know that because the original price was still on the box which also looks brand new. It was from a Hospice Thrift Store.

Next was a set of four embroidered placemats with a white background and pink flowers with green leaves. Really pretty and looked brand new. This was from a new little Thrift Store that we popped into on a whim. I generally won’t pay more than $1 for placemats and 50 cents for napkins. These were a great buy at 4 placemats for $2.

Continuing with the linen theme I found these absolutely beautiful Pottery Barn placemats and matching napkins in pristine condition at one of my favorite Thrift Stores. The placemats and napkins were in two different locations in the store. You really have to search sometimes. I spent a total of $4.25 for the set. Not too shabby. You can see how I used them here.


Next, at the same store, one of the best finds of the day, two Waterford Champagne Christmas flutes. These beautiful glasses were in the Christmas section just sitting there by themselves. They must have just been put out because I cannot imagine them lasting very long. I paid about $1 per glass. My “Happy Dance” was barely contained.

It was interesting because in the glass case reserved for special home decor items at the front of the store they had a couple of Waterford by Marquis champagne flutes that were priced quite high. They are the lower end of the Waterford scale and these green Christmas flutes, at the high end, were treated completely differently. Always check the stems of crystal to see if they are marked. These clearly have the Waterford name etched in the stems. Then go online to see if you can find them…..that’s after they are safely in your cart. That should give you an approximate value for the item.

Found these green wooden chargers and a set of six plaid napkins at another small Thrift Store. They will be great for Christmas. It turned out to be a good week for linens.

Found three blue and white ceramic balls that I thought I could work into a centerpiece and some blue and white napkins,,,they actually lean a little more to the purple but were pretty. I always pick up measuring cups that are in good shape and these looked brand new. Ended up with two of them. The next set of items are a blue and white teapot, cup and saucer and sugar bowl by a Japanese maker. They are marked Blue Onion and were quite pretty. I’ve been finding a lot of blue and white recently. It never goes out of style.

These are Pairpoint water goblets by Wickham. I did a post on them here:


You can read more about them. Victorian style with lots of cut and etched glass make them a real standout.

I shop for Christmas all year round and Thrift Stores generally do a Christmas in July sale. Unfortunately, I missed that and didn’t find these until August. However, I think I found some great things. The first picture is a group of glass ornaments. They were in a brown paper bag with some broken ornaments and the price was $1. You had to really sift through to see if there was anything worthwhile. The lone snowman in the picture in the bottom row was in the bag as well and was the real find. He is a Christopher Radko ornament and has the Radko tag. These are highly collectible but I think he is just very cute. Also found a German ornament that had the original price tag in Euro. It’s from a respected maker in Germany and quite pretty. Pottery Barn pine cone place card holders are in the last picture. They look brand new and came with the place cards still in their unopened packaging.

This little brass and wood box depicting the Taj Mahal was a good find. Polished up it will look great. The box was originally used for tea and has the identifying information on the back. Can’t wait to use it for it’s original purpose.

I always look for candles when I’m out thrifting and these were great examples of Pillar candles in Fall or Winter colors. The fact that they had three of them was an added bonus. I only buy candles that have not been used. Resting on the candles is this great Christmas gift box depicting a herd of reindeer. I collect gift boxes as I find them throughout the year. Then they’re ready to use in December. I think this one was about 45 cents.

Finally, this beautiful set of silver-plated flatware from Goodwill. It is made by International Silver Company. Love the fan pattern on these. Simple but elegant. It was a set of 8 place settings with 5 pieces in each setting and a couple of serving pieces. don’t they look beautiful?

They didn’t look so great originally. However, I knew they would clean up with a little silver polish. Examine pieces carefully to be sure they are not pitted. You can see in this picture how they clean up with a little polish. I actually found another lot of silver-plate but passed on it as it wasn’t complete. If you’re thinking of purchasing something but haven’t made up your mind, put it in your cart so you can take your time looking it over. If you decide against it, just return it to the shelf.

My hubby and I go together when thrifting. Sometime I’ll share with you what he finds. It’s a lot different from what I take home. LOL. Hope you have success this week in finding some treasures of your own.

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