Welcome to the blog today Friends. Some of my recent finds worked their way into a table setting out on the screen porch. I wanted something that would really be appropriate for Summer and that was also elegant and “pretty”.

So let’s start with the base…..a white tablecloth that has just a bit of texture grounds the table setting. The tablecloth is 100% cotton and a snowy white. Makes me think of clouds in a bright blue sky on a beautiful summer day. The next layer is the gorgeous yellow placemat from Pottery Barn. The placemat has a very thing edging of white all around the yellow. It also is beautifully embroidered in white leaves and flowers. I came across six of these great placemats this week. I don’t always like to give prices but I was able to get all six for a total of $4. Even better…..six matching napkins, also embroidered, for an additional $1.25. I was thrilled. They really are lovely and look great on the table.

The flatware was the next treasure from this week. I found this beautiful silver-plate pattern at Goodwill and was able to get a set of 8 complete place settings of 5 pieces each and some serving pieces. They are simple but stylish with their fan pattern. The pieces are quite heavy so add some weight to the table setting.

They were badly tarnished and took awhile to clean but, as you can see in the before and after photo above, a little silver polish makes a big difference. Don’t be put off by a piece that has not been properly cared for. As long as it has not pitting it should clean up well. You can see from the above picture that the unappealing fork has transformed into a lovely piece for the table.

The plate stack begins with Wedgewood followed by a gold and white Pottery Barn salad/dessert plate and finally a Lenox bread and butter plate. The Wedgewood plate is ringed with raised fruit on the rim. Grapes, butterflies and lovely lettering proclaiming “Laughter” adorns the plate in the middle of the stack. The Lenox plate is rimmed in black with a gold edge. They work well together and the whites and golds compliment the yellow placemats.

Here you can see how the plate stack looks with the silver flatware and the white tablecloth as the background. All the plates were thrifted…..but not this week. LOL

Here you can see the napkin in a fan shape that is held together with a simple gold napkin ring. The polished gold reflects as much light as the flatware and ties in the gold accents on the plates.

I used recently acquired water goblets by Pairpoint in their Wickham pattern paired with very simple balloon wine glasses. The Wickham glasses are very Victorian in their etched opulence. Putting them together with such a simple wine goblet by C&S shows the best qualities of both glasses.

Found tri-toned pillar candles this week, as well. They do a good job tying in the colors on the chair cushions without pulling too much attention form the yellow and white color scheme. They are set on plates rimmed in silver tying in the flatware. A set of three candles, evenly spaced, was used down the center of the table.

Two different flower vases, approximately the same size were set a the the ends of the table. The vases were filled with limelight hydrangea with one yellow flower in each vase to tie in the yellow of the placemats and the napkins.

Here’s the vase at the other end of the table. Both are cut glass, quite heavy and have fluted edges.

Looking down the table you can see how prettily it all comes together.

Looking across the table you can see the background of the garden. Lots of greenery provides a lush background for dining. Cool days on the screened porch are truly wonderful. The fan is turning, the fountain is bubbling, the birds are singing, and you can enjoy a wonderful meal in a beautiful setting.

I added a lemon to each place setting for to tie in the color and to suggest freshness. The round shape echoes the plates and provides a focal point for the place setting. I really enjoyed putting this together with old and new thrifted items. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to present a beautiful table where friends and family can come and enjoy a meal together. Hope you all find some great treasures this week.

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