Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. It’s so hot outside that I have been looking for indoor tasks to keep me occupied. I’ve been tackling the closets one at a time and today’s project was the Linen Closet.

The linen closet was really messy and needed a good sorting. I wanted to upgrade the look and the efficiency of the closet so I could find what I needed when I needed it.

The first step was to empty the closet and take everything out, sort it and decide what should be put back.

The bottom of the closet has a step stool and a basket that holds winter blankets.

The next two shelves hold towels and towel sets as well as hand towels and washcloths. I have towels in bathrooms around the house as well but these shelves hold overflow ones that I use more frequently.

I bought some inexpensive storage bins at the local store to hold the sheets for the bedrooms. Some hold queen size and some king size so that I can access them easily and know which bins hold which sheets. Easy and efficient. The top shelf is double stacked. I love how everything looks neat and organized.

An organized closet is a beautiful thing. Just makes me calm looking at the neat stacks.

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