Hi Everyone and welcome to the Blog today inspired by this great tablecloth I found this week at the Thrift Store. I loved the large flowers that appear over the entire surface of the tablecloth. Love how the gray and the yellow compliment one another.

The plate stack starts with a porcelain white charger. The dinner plate is by Heath and is in a light gray color. Next is a flowered square dessert/salad plate in a multicolored floral pattern. Finally, a bread and butter plate in a dark gray also by Heath Company. A ripe peach rests in the center of the small plate.

You can see the individual plates that make up the place setting. I liked the contrast of the very simple gray plates and the flowered Pier 1 plate.

The peaches make a great statement with their vibrant color. You can also see the two different types of napkins…..one solid and one striped in grays and whites. The napkins are held in place by pearl napkin rings that blend into the shades of yellow in the tablecloth.

The crystal white and red wine glasses by Vera Wang are a beautiful addition to the table.

Fiddle head stainless steel is used for the flatware. It’s my everyday stainless pattern from Pottery Barn years ago.

I was on the way to the kitchen to polish the silver tray and tea service when I looked at the tarnish in relation to the tablecloth. I realized that the tarnish on the silver actually blended beautifully with the tablecloth. I was really surprised at how well it went together.

I took the same approach with the silver candlesticks. Loved how the pillar candles blend in with the table setting.

The overhead view shows you how the different elements come together to create the whole.

This was an interesting table setting to put together. I really enjoyed using some different colors and combinations for this table setting.

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