Good Morning Friends and welcome to the Blog today. We took some time yesterday to hang the drapes I found last week at the Thrift Store. I bought these two 100% silk panels for a total cost of $5 and hoped they would work in the office. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t lose that much or I could figure out something to do with the fabric.

The sun was shining in these windows so the pictures are not the greatest but you can see that it is a double window with a transom arched top. The ceilings are very high in here so I knew I needed the drapes to be longer than the standard 84″. The panels measured out at 100″ long. They were nicely lined so they wouldn’t fade in the sun. As you can see I already had light filtering fabric shades on the windows.

My great hubby mounted the hardware and we were lucky to have studs in all the right places. I always feel better when you can anchor things in the studs. He mounted first one side then the other leaving the middle support for last. He leveled everything using the leveler so it would be the same distance from the ceiling across the length of the drapery rod. It’s a good idea to step back and make sure it looks level to the eye as well. Walls aren’t always completely true and the appearance to the eye is more important than what the ruler says.

The rod has rounded finials on each end that fit in with the rest of the decor in this room.

We put a panel on one side and then on the other side before attaching the center piece of the rod and joining all three pieces. You can see how pretty the scroll work is on these panels. They are such a beautiful bronze color and the silk fabric hangs beautifully.

The drapes come all the way to the floor and rest about 1/2″ above the hardwood. The pictures on the left side still work because we set the panels right at the edge of the window frame. The panels measure about 10″ down from the bottom of the ceiling molding. They fit really well…..big sigh of relief! It helps when things come together as planned.

The silk will completely relax losing any final wrinkles after being hung for a few days. I’m not sure about adding any sheers to the center of the window. I’ll live with this awhile and see.

I really like how these drapery panels work in this room. It was a great $5 investment.

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