Hello Friends and welcome to the Blog today. It’s been a really busy few weeks working in the yard, helping my daughter move and get her new apartment together and doing some projects around the house. It’s been typical Summer weather here…..hot and humid…..so I haven’t wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors. However, this weekend we ventured to a local winery and had a delightful few hours with friends tasting wine and having lunch overlooking the vineyard. It was a nice respite.

Today, I’m sharing a French inspired table setting that started with a beautiful tablecloth made from French fabric in the traditional yellows and blues of Provence.

The tablecloth has a central motif of flowers, vines and fruit and incorporates some beautiful greens in the pattern.

I used a simple white porcelain charger in bone china by Fortessa to start the plate stack. The dinner plate, soup bowl and soup plate are “Gay Day” by Wood & Sons England and the salad/dessert plate is Mikasa’s Ultima+ in antique white.

Here’s a close-up of the plate stack. Really simple blue and white, alternately stacked.

The blue and white flowers that cover the plate and the scalloped edges of the plate itself are really eye-catching. Found these this week in kind of an odd lot set with 8 dinner and 8 salad plates with 4 and six lots of accompanying pieces. Really appealing.

The soup bowls are double handled, my favorite, and sit on a matching soup saucer with scalloped edges to match the edges of the dinner plate. Separating them with a white scalloped plate makes you more aware of the blue and white pattern.

The napkins pick up the yellows and blues in the tablecloth. I used a simple fan pattern. If you open up the napkin you will see that the pattern is made up of fish but in the fan pattern all you see is the color. It works. The blue and yellow napkin rings were found this week as well. They go perfectly with the rest of the table setting.

Recently found blue and green glasses are used to add additional color to the table. Love the shape of these glasses and they seemed to compliment one another.

Simple silver-plate was used adding another flower dimension to the table setting. I really prefer the rounded soup spoons and this pattern supplied them. Polished silver looks so pretty on the table.

Wood pedestal candlesticks were added to the table with variegated yellow and green pillar candles. The candlesticks add some height to the table as well as a French country feel.

Next, I worked on creating a “long and low” centerpiece for the table. I started with a wooden birchbark container and inserted a long plastic flower holder inside. Adding soaked florist foam came next. I collected some hydrangea from the garden and some green filler and then built the centerpiece from there. It was pretty fast and easy to do and adds that French feel to the table. Lavender would have been perfect but I found some small purple flowering bushes that gave the same impression.

Thought it turned out well.

Here’s an overview shot. You can see how the design of the tablecloth adds to the centerpiece display.

This is what you see when you enter the dining room. Love all the color.

Here’s a side view looking down the table. I really enjoyed putting this tablescape together. Everything on the table was thrifted and most of it this past week. Love it when a table setting comes together.

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