Hi Friends and welcome to the blog today. Have I mentioned lately how hot and humid it is where I live? It is really quite warm and not ideal gardening weather. However, I was out today kind of cleaning up my small vegetable garden and realized I had a huge amount (for me) of yellow beans. It took me a long time to pick all the ones that were ripe. I ended up with two gallons bags filled with beans.

The beans are beautiful. I’m an organic gardener and don’t use any pesticides on the fruits and vegetables so they can be a little insect bitten from time to time. Beans don’t have a lot of enemies and they are prolific. They make a great crop to grow. They grow really well from seed and just require good draining and consistent watering.

Here’s another picture of the bean pile. They also freeze well so you can have some now…..and some later.

Harvested some basil to use for Pesto. I freeze the pesto in ice cube containers and then use it all winter long to flavor dishes. It works well.

Also harvested some squash although they have not done too well so far this year. We have rabbits and when the squash blossoms bloom the rabbits cut them off and eat them. It’s been a real problem this year. I guess the bunnies have to eat too.

The peppers have been a bit sporadic and I get one or two at a time. They are really tasty.

I tend to plant snacking and grape tomatoes rather than the larger ones but I do get some volunteers from the compost turned into the soil. It’s always fun to see what comes up.

We’ll be eating well on all this healthy produce. It’s a great feeling to grow some of your own food. There’s nothing like sinking your fingers into fresh soil, planting, watering and then eating the benefits. Even if you just have a small space, try a few herbs or vegetables. I think you will really enjoy a treat from the garden.

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