Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. Let me preface this by saying that I am not really a morning person. I don’t want to chat before coffee and I really prefer silence until after my first couple of cups. However, I do occasionally fix a real breakfast…..usually Christmas Day or maybe a Birthday Brunch. Today, I just felt like using up some of the many blueberries our bushes have produced this year. So……a Blueberry Breakfast.

This was certainly not elaborate. Some good old-fashioned pancake mix along with three or four handfuls of fresh blueberries, a few minutes at the stove and you have breakfast.

The setting was simple. Rosy placemats set with our everyday fiddle head stainless from Pottery Barn combined with Mikasa English Countryside plates and some great green goblets I found a few months ago. A simple flower centerpiece in a thrifted cut glass vase adds to the setting. I used napkins that have the same colors as the placemats. They are held by some wrought iron napkin rings.

We drank orange juice and used syrup or honey on the pancakes. Honestly, they really didn’t need anything but those great blueberries.

A simple but delicious breakfast from a Morning Grouch like me. What more could you want? I still didn’t talk before that second cup of coffee. LOL


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