Doesn’t it just amaze you what people donate to “Charity Shops” as they are called in England. I’ve been reading a mystery set in Bath, England so some of the terminology is sticking. This week I visited some of out favorite “Charity Shops” in the area and found some treasures to bring home. I’ll share them with you today.

First up are these 100% silk drapery panels. They are 100 inches long and really pretty. Lined silk drapes hang beautifully and don’t fade. You do have to dry clean them but that’s a small price to pay for these great panels. As you can see they are embroidered with a vine pattern that is quite attractive and rather “Old World”. I’m going to put them in our Office to help finish off that room. I don’t always like to list what I pay for things but in this case I thought I’d share because it was such a good deal. I was able to purchase two, 100% silk drape panels in excellent condition for a total of $5. Not too shabby. LOL

This lovely lead crystal vase was the next purchase. I liked this one because it was a medium size with a scalloped edge that flares out. Flared vase designs work better for bouquet arrangements as the flowers relax against the edges and fall naturally for a less stylized look. I think this one will work really well for lots of bouquets.

Then, at my local Thrift Store, I found a setting for four…..dinner plates, salad/dessert plates and bowls by Churchill made in Staffordshire England. The set also comes with a serving platter and is microwave and dishwasher safe. The pretty flower design was very appealing especially since the set was about $8. It was kind of funny because when I went up to the register to pay, another customer was setting the same pattern of dishes on the counter. She had mostly teacups and saucers for a tea she was planning. Chatting with other shoppers is one of the perks of shopping in a Thrift Store. People seem to be pretty friendly as they look for bargains. Maybe it comes from all those reminders of the past.

These gorgeous blue wine/water glasses were another great find. Most of them still had their original tags identifying them as Block Crystal, Mouth Blown, Hand Polished, Hand Made, Lead Free Crystal. I loved the blue color and have been looking for some blue crystal for awhile. They actually had 12 glasses but one was chipped and I decided six would be plenty. I liked that the stems were colored but the bowls were clear glass and had a flared design. We tried them last night and they worked really well.

There are a lot of Christmas in July sales right now. I picked these up for half price. They have the distinctive Spode Christmas Tree pattern that will go with my dishes. The mugs are quite substantial in feel and in excellent condition.

Waterford water goblets were another find. I pick them up when I see them as long as there are at least two in the same pattern. I like to mix and match crystal patterns from the same maker. It adds some interest to the table and Waterford is always beautiful.

Finally, these wonderful glass napkin rings with some etching at the top the spiral made their way home with me. They looked really grimy and dull in the store but cleaned up beautifully with some soap and water. People tend to pass over treasures simply because they need a good cleaning. These really sparkle now.

I’ll be showing you how I put these finds to use in upcoming Blogs. Hope you find some great treasures in your travels this week.

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