Hello and welcome to the Blog today. You never know where you will find a true treasure…..a link to the past and your family heritage. I was going through some old family photos and taking them out of old, worn out frames when I found this “link to the past”. Two full sheets of an old newspaper had been used to proved padding behind the backing of a picture frame.

Old newspapers are fun to read. The ads are pretty outrageous and you wonder how some products could possibly find a market. Looking at the Header of this newspaper I discovered that it was printed by the Brantford Courier in Brantford, Ontario, Canada in 1897. The place is significant because my family was from Brantford and had lived there for many years. The Family Plot is located in Brantford and many of my ancestors are buried there. What a treat to find this record of the place where my Family’s roots were planted.

Like today, the everyday events of a community are chronicled. Deaths, sales, and community events all had a place in the local paper. It kept people connected and informed.

I love how the advertisement for the very proper Ontario Life Insurance Company shares space with Ko-Da Mexican Blood Tonic. Who knew you could rent second-hand stoves? It is a window into everyday life 130 years ago. What a treasure.

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