Welcome Friends to today’s Blog. I read somewhere that there is a difference between “eating” and “dining”. “Eating” is about sustenance for the body…..the fueling of systems so that we can proceed with the tasks of living. “Dining” is about feeding our spirits and intellects as much as it is about feeding our bodies. I think that’s why an appealing place setting is very much a part of the “dining” experience. Whether there are two of you or twenty the setting is an important contribution to the overall “dining” experience.

The plate stack today starts with one of my favorite chargers. These porcelain chargers with scalloped edges are in green and pink. They remind me of flowers and serve as a great base for a place setting. The charger sits directly on the glass table top. Next is a beautiful Wedgewood plate. The rim is edged with a rope trim on the outer and inner edges. In between is a beautiful carved border of fruits and flowers. Lovely Iris grace the center of the Biltmore plates. A gold border in a lacy design rims the edge of the dessert/salad plate. Love the purple and gold with a dash of yellow in the center of the plate. The bread and butter plate or, in this case, the fruit plate tops the stack. It’s a beautiful design in deep green and gold with pink and purple flowers around the edges. The plates aren’t signed but have a definite Oriental feel to them.

A crystal fruit dish holds ripe, red watermelon to begin the meal.

The red fruit picks up the deep pinks in the centerpiece and helps distribute the accent color around the table. There’s a lot of crystal on the table that is reflected in the glass tabletop. I’m using one of my favorite scalloped cut crystal vases to hold a mixed bouquet of flowers from my garden. Two types of hydrangea, gladiolas and simple daisies make up the bouquet and add their cheery presence to the table. Flowers make everything more beautiful.

Noritake’s Rockport water goblets are paired with a very simple wine glass with a beautiful bowl by C&S. I enjoy sipping a nice wine from these lovely glasses.

The pink and green napkins held by a ribbed silver napkin ring tie together the two colors of the chargers. Silver-plated flatware with a curved handle ending in a simple carved flower enhance the table setting.

Summer colors, lots of cut crystal and beautiful china keep this setting light and airy.

Here’s an overhead view. That gorgeous melon color is picked up by the gladiolas and looks so inviting. You want to sit down and sample the refreshing fruit. Gardening is such a satisfying activity when you can bring flowers indoors and enjoy them at the table.

I hope this table setting will enhance our “dining” experience as our family gathers to share a meal together. Have a great week and enjoy your own “dining” experience soon.

Note: Everything on the table today was thrifted…..except the flowers and the fruit. LOL

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