I’m so pleased you are here today, Friends. We’re going vintage with a cozy, cottage vibe. Today’s table setting started with a recently found lace tablecloth. It was actually still sealed in the original packaging and only a couple of dollars at the Thrift Store.

It looks beautiful as a base for the china, flatware and crystal that came next.

We’ll start with the plate stack…….the dinner plate and bread and butter plate are Spode’s Billingsly Rose pattern. I found these in a Goodwill in a little town we were visiting for the day. The plates, sugar and creamer were the only finds that day but they were especially nice. It’s a really pretty vintage pattern that is quite popular. You can find it on eBay and Etsy but it is getting quite pricey.

The salad/dessert plate is by Susan Cooper and features a lovely flower and vine pattern around the rim. I like the old-fashioned look of these plates. It really adds to the vintage feel for the table.

Vintage cups and saucers in a variety of patterns are placed next to the knife and spoon. The cups all have a rose motif that ties in with the Spode china.

The centerpiece includes a lovely English Wedgewood Teapot with simple lines in a cream finish. The matching Spode cream and sugar accompany the teapot. All three pieces are placed on a cake plate to elevate them on the table. The centerpiece is encircled by homemade potpourri. It adds to the vintage feel and brings the fragrance of lavender and roses to the table.

Waterford crystal water and wine goblets are used for beverage glasses. I have found quite a few examples of these glasses lately. I usually pay $1/glass or less. Always look at the base of the stem for the name Waterford.

Linen napkins bordered in lace are placed under the forks. This pattern has a long handle on the dinner fork which is a bit unusual. A simple flower patters is engraved in the handles of the silver plated flatware.

Here you can see the overhead view of the table. All the different textures work together to create that vintage feel. The cozy cottage setting overlooking the garden adds to the appeal.

A pretty but simple table created from Thrift Store finds. Hope you enjoyed this little trip back in time.

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