Welcome Friends to today’s Blog about creating a window in a windowless room. Now, I’m not talking about cutting through walls to the outside. Instead we’ll be creating a window from salvaged stained glass windows that will give us the suggestion of a real window. This window will reflect light and images in the room making it seem larger and more open.

There are four panels used to construct this piece….two smaller ones and two larger ones. The smaller ones have a more intricate leaded glass pattern while the larger ones have a colored glass Coat of Arms insert. I’m not sure where the original leaded glass windows were from. I found them in an antique shop some years ago.

Here’s a closeup of the lead in a criss cross pattern. It has a lovely patina. The design is simple and leaves much of the glass visible. There is a distinct gothic feel to the window design. Perhaps they were once part of a church.

The colored glass is simple but more effective because of that. The colors are red, green and orange and the shape is shield-like.

In order to mount the windows on the wall a small narrow ledge was constructed from several kinds of trim. The windows were then inserted into the trim which holds them in place on the wall. This method ensured that the window frames didn’t have to be compromised. The ledge was fixed to the wall.

Eyelets were attached to the back of the windows. The eyelets were already attached when we bought the windows. A screw with a washer went through the eyelet into a Molly which anchors the windows to the wall.

I added a wreath to the window with a removable hook. I usually change the wreath seasonally. You can see how it creates a window effect when viewed from the other side of the room.

You can also see how images are reflected in the glass giving a three dimensional effect and some added depth.

The windows are quite striking and really add additional visual appeal to a room without natural light.

This was a pretty easy DIY and one which you can do, if you have a drill and, of course, some salvaged windows. Windows can be found in Architectural Salvage stores, Antique Stores and in Thrift Stores. Keep your eyes peeled for these fun accessories.

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