Welcome to the Blog today for a dinner table setting for two. Sometimes it seems like a lot of trouble to set a pretty table for just two people. My hubby and I teach a cooking class and one of the principles of a good meal is visual presentation. If it looks good, it will probably taste good. The same is true for the setting for the meal. If it looks good, you will probably enjoy sitting at the table. Today I’m going to share with you the same table setting with two different backgrounds. You can see what a difference it makes in the visual appearance of the setting.

You will notice above that the place setting rests on a slab of dark granite flecked with green and gold. The dark background makes the lighter elements of the table setting really stand out. You can certainly achieve the same effect with a dark tablecloth.

Contrast the first picture with the one above. All of the same elements are used in the place setting but the table background is much different. The light background gives a completely different feel to the place setting.

The plate stack, in both settings, starts with a dark green, textured place mat. Then comes a Lenox porcelain charger bordered in white flowers. The dinner and bread and butter plates are both by Portmerion, The Botanic Garden pattern. Found these plates recently at the Thrift Store and I am on the lookout for more of them. They are really pretty with their botanical illustrations and beautiful butterflies. The salad/dessert plate is a hand thrown pottery plate that picks up the green in an edging around the rim of the plate. The rim is raised on these plates so tonight I decided to use it as a pasta plate.

Shannon Crystal water goblets in the Dublin pattern and Mikasa wine glasses add some sparkle and some texture to the table. The flared design of the wine glasses allow for easy drinking and they offer a substantial weight in your hand. Plus, they’re really pretty so it’s a pleasure to use them.

The silver-plated flatware is one of my favorite patterns. Just a few carved flowers and a bit of scroll work up the stem of the piece adds some design to the place setting….. but not too much.

Green, black and white plaid cotton napkins held by lucky, silver-plated elephants add a bit of whimsy to the table setting. Keeps the place setting from becoming too formal.

The centerpiece is a simple posey of white and blue hydrangea in a stoneware white pitcher. The flowers come from my garden.

We switch back to the dark background and serve our simple supper of lemon and parsley pasta with snow peas in a lime vinaigrette as a side. The herbs and snow peas are from my garden. Love how the snow peas and the flowers on the plate work together to present an appealing picture. A little white wine and some sparkling water complete this easy dinner.

Add s sprinkling of parmesan cheese and you are ready to dine. A simple dinner for two can be a special event with a little preparation and a pretty table setting.

Just a note: everything was thrifted other than the food. LOL

I’ll be posting the recipes on tomorrow’s blog.

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