Hi Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration and enjoyed being with family and friends. We had a great time grilling out and then watching fireworks sponsored by the Church right next to where we live. We are so grateful to all those who serve to make our country a better place for every American.

Today we’re going to take a little hop across the “Pond” to Paris where we find this delightful depiction of a Paris Café. Found this beautiful sculpture in metal at a thrift shop we frequent occasionally. This piece was a real find. It was made by Curtis Jeré, signed by the artist and dated 1972.

Curtis Jeré is the shared pseudonym of two artists, Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels, who used enamel, brass, copper and steel to create decorative wall sculptures. They began collaborating in 1963 and formed Artisan House, a company which distributed their works worldwide.

This sculpture, depicting a restaurant street scene, has several trees and tables and chairs under a bronze awning…The work is quite detailed and is constructed to be a three-dimensional piece that floats in a wall space.

The umbrellas are angled to protect diners from the sun and are made from brass. Umbrella tables are surrounded by café chairs in typical French fashion. Behind the tables are the windows of the restaurant with their beautiful arches and coat of arms.

The trees are constructed to imply movement and have brass leaves amidst the branches. Although it looks quite delicate it is actually very sturdy. The piece is about 41″ long and about 20″ high. It nicely fits a short wall.

Whimsical and charming this three dimensional art work adds presence to any room. if you’ve ever been to Paris, it would be a wonderful reminder of your time in that magical city. We gave it to our daughter as a house warming gift for her new apartment…..a reminder of her time in Paris.

You never know what treasures you will find. I always look through the artworks at a Thrift Store. Much of it can be passed over but every once in a while you find a really great piece.

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