Let’s create a patriotic table setting with a little red, white and blue.

This is a pretty high plate stack. I started with a white, textured tablecloth. Very large red rattan chargers comes next. I used a second charger just thrifted from a local Thrift Store. The chargers are silver and from Crate and Barrel. They have geometric cutouts along the edge of the silver charger. I used Kate Spade dinner plates in Rutherford Red. These plates are made by Lenox. Found them in a Women’s Shelter Thrift Store. There were 6 dinner plates and 4 salad/dessert plates. All were in great condition. Felt really lucky as they go with Valentine’s Day, July 4th, and Christmas.

A bit of a change for the next layer. A small foam wreath wrapped in a patriotic fabric is the next layer. It conceals a small surprise for each guest. I’ll show it to you at the end. On top of the wreath I placed the Kate Spade dessert plate. That was followed by a Villeroy & Bosch bread and butter plate in blue dots with a white center.

Napkins in alternating blue and red are set on the top of the plate stack. Each napkin is encircled by a large star napkin ring suggesting the “Stars and Stripes”

Red flatware accompanies each table setting. Love that the flatware also fits in with the red, white and blue theme.

Vera Wang crystal by Wedgewood is used for white and red wine glasses or a water and wine. Just recently thrifted this crystal and it is beautiful. Love using it.

Some really fun homemade centerpieces were added to the table. They reflect the red, white and blue theme from the buckets to the pinwheels.

Now for the surprise…….

Resting inside each patriotic wreath on the dinner plate is a red, white or blue match box car as a gift for each guest to take home in remembrance of their July 4th celebration.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. Everything came together for a festive celebratory table. Everything from the tablecloth up is a thrifted item..It’s amazing what you can create from thrifted items.

Here’s a few more views of the table setting.

Have a wonderful 4th of July celebration!

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