Welcome Everyone and happy almost Fourth of July! Today we’re creating bucket centerpieces for July 4th. They turned out really cute. Here’s how to put them together.

You’re going to need buckets (found these for 50 cents each at the Thrift Store), pinwheels, some plastic bags, florist foam and a serrated knife.

Dry fit the florist foam into the buckets…..these took a third of a brick of foam. Then allow the foam to absorb water. Add florist food to the plastic bags, cut off the tops of the bags and insert a bag into each bucket.

Now begin to build your centerpiece by inserting the pinwheel into each bucket. I used roses to act as the focal point. One red rose is inserted into each bucket.

I added a ring of daisies around the outer edge of the floral foam. Now we have the red and the white.

Blue hydrangea were added next. Each centerpiece now has red, white and blue in the centerpiece. The pinwheel adds that element of fun and celebration while reinforcing the color theme.

Added to the table on a white tablecloth the centerpieces show up really well. It was fun to put these together and I think everyone will enjoy them.

The table is set to co-ordinate with the centerpiece. Red, white and blue is the order of the day. Hope you have a great July 4th.

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