Welcome Everyone to the Blog today. It’s all about the green and the blue for a summer table setting. The thing that really captured my interest was the different shapes that came together in this tablescape.

The blue tablecloth was thrifted a few weeks ago and I used it as a neutral base for the colorful plate stack. A round woven, white place mate provides a grounding for the irregular shaped plates. A Lenox charger in green with a scalloped edge is the first part of the plate stack. I found these a few weeks ago and have used them a lot since then. They make a really pretty base for almost any grouping of plates. Next is a long, scalloped dinner plate that is hand made from a potter in Virginia. I love how he combined the different greens in his plate and added some rose color and deeper green to the mix. The edges are higher than normal but allow for easy transportation of food. The top of the plate stack is a beautiful scalloped bowl in a contrasting pattern. The swirl of greens and blues compliment the dinner plate and the scalloped edges are the same.

This plate stack is the reverse of the one above with the lighter dinner plate on the bottom and the darker bowl on the top of the stack. A napkin rose nestles in the center of the bowl picking up on the green of the charger.

A green teapot with playful white polka dots was used as the centerpiece. Flowers from the garden gathered into a nosegay provide an old-fashioned, friendly feel to the table. Everything is casual and relaxed and you know you are going to have a great meal with friends.

The silver-plated flatware is the new set I found this week. A good polish makes it shine again and you can see how the light is reflected from the surface. The pattern is Princess Royal from National Silver. Green water glasses with a ringed pattern in the glass and Mikasa wine glasses are used for crystal. I particularly like the cross-hatch pattern of the Mikasa crystal. Both glasses are flared and the shape ties them together. Crystal candle holders with bayberry candles add another element of green.

The quirky quality of these plates is somehow very appealing. You just know you’re going to have fun at this table.

You can really see how the shapes blend in this overhead. As usual, everything on the table was thrifted with the exception of the plates. I picked those up several years ago at a craft fair in the mountains of Virginia. Creativity in ceramics really adds to your enjoyment of a meal. Have a happy week.

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