Hello Everyone and welcome to the Blog today. Let’s begin by talking about Thrift Store towels. I used to think that buying towels at the Thrift Store just didn’t work. They were almost always worn and too thin to purchase so I just stopped looking. Big mistake on my part. This week I was looking through the linen section for table linens and towels were right next door. I found these really nice decorative towel sets. Two sets were a bath towel and matching hand towel and one set had three bath towels. All the towels were in great shape looking brand new. I purchased them for a fraction of what they would have cost in the retail store. When I got home I just threw them in the wash and I now have several extra sets of towels.

I will be checking the towel section from now on.

This beautiful cut glass scalloped vase was found next. I love this type of vase. It is flared at the top allowing the flowers to naturally fall in a pleasing shape. they look beautiful on the table and really reflect light. It was 75% off so ended up being a really good price.

These Heath Ceramics dinner plates and salad/dessert plates were found at another Thrift Store. It’s an independent one and not part of one of the big chains. These are beautiful dishes and fairly pricey to buy retail. Love how they look on the table.

I found this great English plate next. It is covered with strawberries and vines. This is a really pretty plate and I’ll be able to use it with lots of other dishes for food presentation.

Lastly, I found this great set of National double plated, silver plate in the Princess Royal pattern. I’m showing it to you after cleaning it and you can see it cleaned up beautifully. This is a service for eight. I’ll be using it in table settings in the future. It also came with the box for a really great price. I do have a bit of a weakness for flatware sets. This one is really pretty but subdued.

I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. When you see something in a Thrift Store that’s dirty or tarnished, remember, it is just hiding its potential under the grime. You can take it home, clean it up and it will shine again.

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