It’s great to have you here today to share this start of summer tablescape with me. Summer means warmer colors, lots of flowers and hot, humid days here in the South. While the temperatures are in the 90’s and the humidity is well over 50% I like to pair those hot summer colors with some cooler greens and whites.

The plate stack has four elements consisting of a green charger with flowers bordering the rim, a coral/orange and white dinner plate with a white center, a white dessert plate with a fan pattern on the rim of the plate and a crystal stemmed fruit cup in Mikasa’s Park Lane pattern.

The above pictures show each individual part of the plate stack and the markings on the back of the plates. I liked combining the warm and cool colors to blend in with the tablecloth.

The tablecloth is a beautiful flowered round I found a few months ago at the Thrift Store. The large coral and orange-tinged colored flowers match the dinner plates while the green in the leaves is a good match for the charger. The dessert plate pulls in the white from the tablecloth.

The Mikasa stemmed berry bowl holds cantaloupe and blueberries representing both the warm and cool colors in the plate stack and in the tablecloth.

Eldan silver plated flatware has a pattern of Summer flowers carved into the ends and edges of the different pieces. Fits right in with the Summer flower theme of the tablecloth.

The centerpiece is put together with warm and cool flower colors from the garden…..just picked today. The flowers are hydrangea, white, blue and purple; day lilies in deep purple and orange; orange yarrow and some white daisies with those beautiful orange centers. I love the look of these old-fashioned bouquets made from whatever happens to be blooming. I remember them from when I was growing up and my Grandmother would pick flowers and put them on the table in time for dinner.

Here is an overhead view showing how all the colors blend together pulling each separate element together to make up the whole. The tablecloth, the plate stack and the flowers…..even the fruit come together for that Summer feel.

Mikasa Park Lane crystal matches the berry bowls. Sometimes it works to co-ordiante all the crystal to unify the setting. The Mikasa crystal is my everyday set. I’ve been collecting it for years and still pick up pieces whenever I see them.

I used a Fleur de Lis napkin fold for the white damask napkins. The fold is held together with a cool, green napkin ring and placed on the top of the plate stack.

Even though there is a lot of color on the table there is still a sense of space. It doesn’t appear too congested which would make the diners feel hot and close. This way the space leaves you feeling cooler.

Behind the table in front of the windows is another flower arrangement picking up the same colors that are in the arrangement on the table. Everyone seated at the table has something pretty to look at…..something that suggests a beautiful Summer day while enjoying a lovely meal with friends.

This was a completely thrifted table setting. It’s amazing what you can do with finds from the Thrift Store.

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